Blog post Reflection

While looking through my peers’ eminent person introduction blog posts, I was looking for the things they did well in their posts so I can learn from them as well as implement them into my future blog posts. In the blog posts I most enjoyed, I noticed that they took the information they found and delivered it in a way that was insightful and interesting. I also noticed that they explained a lot of the concepts in detail.

I feel like I explained most of my concepts in detail in my blog post, but I can definitely strive to add more explanations so people can understand the terms I use better. I chose a musician for my eminent person, so I would be using a lot of music terms, and not everyone can understand music terms, so it would be nice to add definitions/explanations for the terms.

I also feel like I can deliver my information in a more insightful way. Sometimes during my blog post, the writing flow would start getting a bit choppy and it wasn’t very interesting to read. I can probably fix this by tying my ideas together and making sure it doesn’t sound like a list of sentences. I can also create variety in my sentences to make them flow better as well.

For the feedback I received, my peers enjoyed that I explained my connection with my eminent person and how she made a big influence in the music field. I think I can keep this feedback in mind while writing my other blog posts. Explaining why you think the topic is important is always insightful to read and helps others understand why you are talking about the topic in the first place.

For the stretches, my peers said that sometimes the flow of my writing isn’t as good as it could be. I totally agree with this piece of feedback. As I said above, I can work on improving the flow of the writing so it sounds like everything is tied together nicely. Other than that, they didn’t say anything else.

Overall, it was nice to read other people’s blog posts and learn new things from them. I found some things I can improve on for my next few blog posts and I’ll continue to work on them!

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