Bertha Lamme- Eminent Person

“I didn’t want to just know names of things. I remember wanting to know how it all worked.” — Elizabeth Blackburn.

Bertha Lamme was the first female mechanical engineer. In 1893 she took a job working at Westinghouse Electric Corporation, opening up so many new doors for women all around the world and changing the normalities that came with time she lived in. For a couple of years now I have wanted to become a mechanical engineer and seeing how Ms. Lamme was able to do persevere at a time where the engineering industry was reserved for men is so inspiring. She exemplifies my goals for TALONS in many ways, such as working hard on the things she believed in throughout all of her university days just like I would like to. A major difference would be the times we grew up in. Today women have more opportunities in STEM than we have in the past especially in comparison to 1893. This is almost 30 years before women got rights in the US. With this barrier of time, I plan on looking into how many struggles women had to go through to be themselves and how hard they had to work to get things they found important done. By doing this I can hopefully achieve a deeper understanding of Bertha’s life.

Bertha Lamme unlocked so many doors for women going into STEM. Historian Anne Madarasz said, “But I think she is a shining example of setting out on a path that few if any, had trod before and succeeded.”. Bertha is an amazing influence for young women everywhere because she was a pioneer and started something very big and world-changing. From Ohio States analytics in 2018, there was a 27% increase in how many women enrolled in their undergraduate program just five years later. It’s been almost 130 years since Bertha started her career and I would hope that in another 100 years she still will be recognized and mentioned in her work in the industry. We as a society need to remember the people who started the things we love, this is why she should be researched and understood. she worked in a time where there were no females to look up to. she followed her passions and it got her exactly where she wanted. She broke barriers women at that time did not know were possible.

Bertha is a person whom people need to remember. She was strong mentally, smart, and never gave up no matter how hard things were. Anyone and everyone can learn from her no matter your ethnicity, gender, or religion. They can see how to push through the really hard times to get what you want. she inspired Ohio State University to create the Women in Engineering program to help motivate and increase the number of women in STEM. Ms. Lamme should be researched and called eminent because she earned it.

She inspires me and so many other girls around the world to go for their dreams and to never give up.

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  1. Hi Emilie,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I especially enjoyed how you described her achievements, using figures and charts, quotes from historians, and studies on how Bertha Lamme has influenced society. While reading the post, I would also find myself frequently connecting to your connections with your eminent person. I also deeply value persistence, courage, and taking risks, values you clearly outlined you wanted to emulate. Something that I think could be improved with your post is by removing some small errors with tools such as Grammarly ( However, these issues don’t interfere at all with the points you made.

  2. Hi Emilie, I really enjoyed reading your blog post! It was simple, short and easy to follow along. It was really cool how you talked about Bertha being one of your inspirations. Looking forward to reading your future posts:) -Joanne

  3. Hello Emilie!

    Very inspiring blog post! I didn’t know much about Lamme beforehand, but I now know that she was a very influential person, for women around the world. It was nice how you included an embedded hyperlink to Ohio State University’s page on Lamme for further reading. I would have liked to read a little more about her upbringing and what drove her to choose a field that was reserved for men as you said, but besides that, excellent blog post!

    – Kavyan

  4. Hello Emilie,
    I found your post and Bertha Lamme’s story very interesting. I can only imagine the prejudice she must have faced! Your sentences were very clear, easy to understand, and were always relevant to the topic. However, there were some minor grammatical errors, which could be fixed by double-checking your work.

  5. Hi, Emilie,
    This was a great post! I love how you split up your post into different paragraphs/ideas, it really helped add to the clarity and organization of your work. You were very clear and concise, providing a lot of information and details in a fairly short post, which I found really impressive. I also like how you directly related her work to your own goals in life, it really deepened my understanding of why you chose her as your eminent person. My only note would be to proofread one more time, but your only errors were very minor, such as a word not being capitalized. Overall, though, you did a great job, providing concrete supporting details that tied in perfectly with your reasoning behind her eminence in a very clear way.

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