6 thoughts on “TALONS Talk – Automated Agriculture

  1. Great TalonTalk Emilie! As someone who knew practically nothing in depth about automated agriculture, I learnt a lot from your presentation. Your definitions of each system you covered, and their relevance, were very clear and precise.
    My question is, if you worked in the agriculture industry, which of these systems would you use and why?

    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for the comment and If I was working in the industry I would most likely go with the smart greenhouse as it allows a more stable environment for the plants to grow in. On the other hand, depending on the size of manufacturing I wanted the automated systems because it allows for a larger scale opperation.

  2. Hi Emilie, great job with this talk. I loved the entire idea of your talk because it’s all about a new way to grow plants, and it’s something that can help lots of people. I thought the advantages you brought up about automated agriculture were interesting points. For example, you said that growing plants in hydroponics means you can grow them anywhere. You also mentioned that this technology can be expensive to set up, but the overall cost of operation is lower. This reminds me of electric cars and gas-powered cars. Electric cars may be more expensive, but with gas-powered cars you have to worry about the cost of fuel. Still, I was wondering, are companies working to make this technology more affordable so that more people can use it?

    1. Hey Saihaj, to answer your question yes. Based on my research there are quite a few companies trying to make the systems more affordable for others and in my mind are doing pretty well. They are still on the expensive side making buying them hard but if technology keeps moving forwards at the rate it is now then soon the systems would be affordable and in a more “normal” price range.

  3. Awesome Talon talk! I liked how your slides were organized and the theme of your presentation. I learned quite a lot from your Talon talk as I didn’t know anything about these automated systems helping to grow plants before this presentation. Is this method of growing plants rising in popularity? You mentioned that hydroponic systems could possibly do harm to someone. What harm would hydroponics do to humans?

    1. Hey Julianne, thanks for the comment. The harm that may come from using a hydroponic system is the possibility of water-borne diseases that could harm humans. the system itself is perfectly safe to set up and use.

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