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After a rocky last couple of months, In-Depth Night is finally here! Welcome everybody to my blog, my name is Evan, and I am a grade 9 learner. For In-Depth this year, I studied photography. Though I missed out on some exciting photography opportunities because of Covid-19, I was still able to get some photographs I am super proud of. I look forward to furthering my photography skills in the future, and I am glad I had such a great opportunity to learn about something I am passionate about.

Before my final project, I would like to thank my mentor Neil for providing me with amazing opportunities and photographic experience, through a pandemic, the birth of his son, and his busy life. I learned a lot from him, and I don’t think I could’ve been as successful in this In-Depth without him as my mentor.

Without further ado, here is my final In-Depth video:

If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment below this blog post, and I will answer. You can also find some of my photos on my other blog posts or on my photography Instagram here.


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  1. Your photos are of a very high quality for a beginner photographer. Neil was an awesome mentor. You went to some cool places, discovering some cool organisms. What did you enjoy the most about this project?

    1. During my In-Depth project, I enjoyed expanding to different types of photography. Before I started the project, I hadn’t really done any macro photography, and now I really enjoy doing so.

  2. Amazing work! I can sense the enthusiasm you had throughout this project. What was the most exciting photo you took?

  3. Amazing video sequence with google earth leading into your wonderful collection of photographs. What is next on photography bucket list to learn?

  4. As always, amazing shots from a talented photographer. Great job, thank you for reviving evanophoto.

  5. Really neat and cool photos! Also, really good video editing. When watching your video I was in a trance with all the nice photos…

  6. I really felt that you photos conveyed certain emotions. Did you think about that while you were shooting them?

    1. It really depends on what I am photographing. Having never photographed newts before, I was really focused on getting solid images technically, and l was less focused on making a super powerful image. Alternatively, when I am shooting a landscape, I try to compose the image so it is more meaningful.

  7. Wow great job Evan! Your photos were truly captivating. One question, what does the photo editing process look like for you?

    1. I usually import 14bit raw files from my camera into adobe lightroom and add colour corrections, sharpening, I change the exposure, and I add profile corrections that get rid of vignetting or chromatic aberration.

  8. I really loved your photos Evan! They look so professional! I hope you continue to share your photography in the future!

  9. Your understanding of lighting is incredibly impressive. Every shot was eye-catching and captivating! The video as a whole was well organized and relaxing to watch.

  10. Evan I love every one of your photos, they are so fascinating and full of detail. You did a great job finding a mentor for in-depth! I’m looking forward to seeing all the great shots you take over the summer!

  11. These photos are all really cool! Personally, I have no idea how to take pictures, so I usually just hold the button and pray that at least one looks “good enough”, but these are really aesthetic and pretty! Nice job!

  12. This is such a incredible project, your photos are amazing! How long did it take for you to get the perfect pictures? Surely they weren’t your first takes! Great work! Are you planning on pursuing this skill?

    1. Thank you! When I was photographing the newts, maybe one in three-five shots were focused well enough to consider it a good image. (Focusing on the eye during macro photography is rather hard). Otherwise, I regularly check the screen on my camera to make sure the images are usable.

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