In-Depth Post #2

  1. What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions?

The best thing about the mentoring experience was that I got to be hands-on with fixing cars. I got to do several things including checking tire pressure, filling car tires,

  1. What relationship challenges did you face? Address some of the sub-questions below
  2. Were you communicating effectively with one another? Explain

Yes, we are communicating effectively because we both understood each other. I would so far as to call Rob a friend. We both have similar interests and I have fun talking to him.

  1. Were you candid and open in your communication? Explain

I would say we both felt comfortable. I don’t think he has a reason to hold anything back.

  1. Did you take care to check out assumptions with each other? Explain

I checked out my assumptions with him because that’s what he is there for.