In-Depth, My Journey Through Volleyball #3: We’ll Be Right Back

Hi everyone! I hope your last two weeks have been amazing, as we headed into our quarter three courses for tons of new experiences.

So, the title and featured image of this blog post sort of tells you all you need to know about my progress with In-depth since the last update. As you may have already guessed, there wasn’t any massive breakthrough.

Since the beginning of February, Mr. Salisbury, Devon, and I have not been able to formally meet together to have a mentoring session. This is due to the fact that our block Y Thursdays in which we would normally practice on have been taken up by ourselves TALONS adventure trip planning. This sort of lead our mentoring sessions into a stalemate, as we needed to find a new open time for practices in the gym. During these past two weeks, I have been talking with Mr. Salisbury and Devon, as well as emailing Ms. Anderson to find a time slot in the gym in which we can practice. This has obviously been a greater challenge than I expected, as we have not been able to make any formal progress. But this is not to say that there was no progress made at all.

To make up for the lost time from our mentoring sessions, I have started to take my skill practice into my own living room, where I run drills with my younger brother. I have had a consistent practice of volleyball almost everyday since the beginning of quarter three, and I am more passionate than ever to continue. As I learn more about the fundamentals of volleyball and watch professional games online, I become more excited to learn and implement these skills when I play. In addition to practicing at home, I have also paid a visit to Glen park as they have a volleyball net set up as well. I have been working my serves and sets the most in my spare time, as I find that I need lots of improvement in those areas.

And practicing physically isn’t the only way to learn volleyball. Tools such as the Instagram explore page has helped me to watch students like me play volleyball, with various videos of games and drills. I often spend a couple minutes a day just browsing through the volleyball content on the app when I have some time, and it has kept my mind engaged on the sport at all times.

But outside of my practices at home, these last two weeks have been pretty quiet with our mentoring sessions. This will not be for long though, as I am still trying to figure out a schedule that can allow us to practice in the gym once a week.

To end on a high note, I have linked a video of the highlights from my current favorite volleyball match on YouTube. I highly recommend you to give it a watch, as it only takes 16 minutes of your time, and is extremely entertaining.

Staying motived and paitent,

Gyu Min

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