Robert Downey Jr. Learning Center

Good evening everyone! I’m Robert Downey Jr. and welcome to my virtual learning center!

It really is a shame that I couldn’t be meeting with everyone in real life; I know I would’ve stolen the show all night! But we gotta work with what we have, and that was a poor camera and a week of preparation for me. But without further ado, I present to you my learning center:

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Digital Footprint Assignment

1. How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples.

Your digital footprint is a permanent marking that you create and leave behind as you continue to use online resources. A digital footprint can and will affect your future opportunities in several different ways, both good and bad. One example may be in an application situation, where a workplace or a school will check your digital footprint to see what you could be like outside of what they know. This can be helpful in a way that they could find out previous work experience that you may have had, or positive passions that you are known to pursue. This can also be negative as well, because workplaces can see all the negative things you have done and put on your digital footprint, that may result in  you not able to get hired.

2. Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

One common strategy to keep your digital footprint safe is to use THINK before you post. This means you will ask 5 relevant questions to what you are about to post, text, or show to the internet. Is it true, hurtful, inspiring, necessary, and kind? If your digital mark can meet the criteria of not being hurtful as well as meet every other question, then it is appropriate and safe to post. Another helpful idea is usually to just ask a friend of family member around you. It is always good to get a second or third input by the people around you, and see if they are okay with what you might be posting. Finally, one last strategy for being safe and appropriate on the internet, is to use common sense. If you genuinely think that whatever you are doing is smart enough, then it should be fine. Do not just click on an ad that makes you believe that you’ve won a jackpot, or text a stranger that may know more about you than you think.

3. If you could go back in time, is there anything you would do differently online? Think of what type of advice you would pass on to your younger self or other students. How could you go about explaining it to them?

I believe that I am quite responsible in my digital world, as I don’t like to share lots of personal information online to begin with. The best advice I can genuinely give to younger students and possibly even myself, would be to imagine what the consequences of what you might do or say. No matter how you are feeling, there will be an outcome from your input in your digital world, and a lot of it can turn out to be negative.

Training Post

You are now going to create your very first post. In a separate tab or browser window, go to your Dashboard on the left and go to  Posts -> Add New.

1) Title – Create a title for your blog post. Your title will be: Digital Footprint Assignment

2) Body – This is where you place your content of the post – text, videos, pictures, etc. Follow the instructions on the Digital Footprint Assignment page to see what questions you need to answer here.

3) Tool Bar – In your toolbar you can “Add Media” and “Add Documents” into your posts, this is the best way to create visual representations. You can also change fonts, hyperlink, etc.

4) Publish – Here is where you control what items are public and private. You can also control when they are published to your website.

5) Categories – Here is where you choose where you want your post to go. This is your digital binder with all of your subjects. Make sure to categorize each post with the relevant subject. E.g. Categories -> English

6) Tags –  Here is where you tag posts with one or two of the most readily applicable Core Competencies. These tags can help you find things quicker on your blog and help you stay organised. E.g. Tag -> creativethinking

7) Publish – When you are done, simply “Publish” it. If it has been edited, press “Republish” to update with the latest version of the content.