[digital literacy] my eminent 2019: with ambition comes hardships

This semester, a project that has impacted me gravely was Eminent, the exploration of a gifted person deemed eminent. Through extensive research, we compiled information to celebrate a person of eminence with an introductory post, a speech, and a learning center. This year, I chose Edgar Allan Poe, a brilliant writer and poet, as my eminent person.

In two months, I utilized and developed my research skills to portray Poe’s eminence. The flexibility of this project allowed me to strengthen my organization skills as while as my time management. Moreover, I discovered flaws in my existing knowledge of speech-writing, leading me to further improve them. Ultimately, this experience involved both the utilization of my previous skills and the development of new skills.

I had a great vision for my Eminent project; but, with ambition comes hardships. I envisioned a dazzling speech paired with an innovative learning center that symbolizes my eminent person. However, I struggled with the writing of my speech. There was too much information and too little time. Eventually, I created a speech that proves Poe’s eminence from three distinct aspects of his life. Then, I was faced with another challenge, my learning center. I didn’t want to succumb to the conventional methods of presentation, yet I couldn’t come up with any ideas. Luckily, Poe’s alcoholism inspired me to use empty wine bottles to present Poe’s eminence. Overall, my Eminent project was an enlightening experience, and I look forward to next year’s Eminent.

This is the link to my introductory blog post on my eminent person, Edgar Allan Poe: https://mygleneagle.sd43.bc.ca/joannax2019/2019/10/25/all-that-we-seem-within-a-dream-or-seem-is-but-a-dream/ 

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