Sunisa Lee – Learning Centre

Here is my learning centre about Sunisa Lee. Please walk through this museum and look at the displayed information and pictures. Open to full screen and step into the door first before moving to the first check point. Have fun!


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  1. Josee, the virtual museum was an incredibly interesting way to look through Sunisa’s accomplishments. I also found the interview section to be incredibly inspiring. I will ask, why did you choose Sunisa and how does she inspire you?

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Draedon!! I picked Sunisa because I also am a gymnast, and she truly inspires me because she reminds me a lot of myself and my dreams. Since I was 5 years old I’ve always wanted to do exactly what she’s doing. We also share similar qualities as gymnasts like our determination, our fearlessness, and our bravery. She honestly just embodies the perfect eminent person for me.

  2. Hi!
    I really loved your virtual museum! It was interesting to look at and gave information in an easy-to-swallow way. It looks like you put a lot of work into it. I was wondering, what was the most inspiring thing you found to know about Sunisa?

    1. Hey Kalayla! Thank you for your feedback. I would have to say the most inspiring thing that I found about Sunisa is that she is the first ever Hmong athlete (of any sport) to make the Olympics and the first ever Asian-American to win All-Around gold in gymnastics.

  3. Good evening,
    First, I like how interactive it is. It made it smooth and easy to understand.
    I also found well organized you had the info in the main room and additional info in another.
    If the people around her didn’t support her do you think she would have succeeded.

    1. Hey Mark! Thank you for your comment. I believe that she would’ve still succeeded because a large portion of her success came from herself. But I do think that she would’ve had a more difficult time succeeding if the people around her didn’t support her.

  4. Josee, this is an intense sport and prone to injuries. Have you and your eminent person had any similar struggles during competitions? If so, what?

    1. Hi Ms. Mulder! Thank you for your comment and question. I would say that yes, most gymnasts go through similar struggles during competition. A struggle that Sunisa and I have both had to face is when things go completely wrong on an event or multiple events. You have to try to stick it out and persevere to finish the competition off strong. This is something Sunisa has had to go through a lot and so have I. Gymnastics is a tough sport, throwing injuries and hardships at you all the time. But I definitely still love the sport!

      Have a good night!
      Josee Ng

  5. Great idea to do the virtual museum! I loved the images you selected, they really enhanced your learning centre. My question for you is, how do you think a mentorship such as having a coach really pushed her?

    1. Hey Glen! Thank you for commenting. I believe that a mentorship pushed Sunisa to do her best and it also helped having a mentorship going through her journey with her. Her coach has stuck with her since she was 6 years old, and you can really tell that they have a close bond. Sunisa trusts him and he’s really helped her achieve her goals.

  6. Josee, I absolutely love the gallery format. It’s very easy to follow and understand her major accomplishments. Sunisa appears to be a great role model to aspire to. She recently had some adversity in her life, such as watching her father become badly injured, hate crime and Covid. A great follow up would be to understand how she persevered. Good job!

    1. Hey Nipa! Thank you so much for looking at my learning centre and commenting. I hope you enjoyed yourself learning about Sunisa Lee. Have a good rest of your evening!

  7. Good Art Exhibit! I like how every time you click on something it elaborates it, it was really well designed. I also like how thorough the exhibit was. My question is this, what inspired her to become a gymnast.

    1. Hey Ben! Thank you so much for the feedback. She was inspired to start gymnastics because she saw a lot of gymnasts on the TV at the olympics, when she was just 6 years old. She also had so much energy and strength, and her parents saw that and immediately put her into gymnastics. So overall, I would say that the generations before her, inspired her to become a gymnast herself.

  8. Hi Josee,
    What a great learning centre; it was so well laid out in this museum format and I learned a lot. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be a Division 1 athlete and full-time student. In addition to all of this, she is advocating for her Hmong culture. I am sure it is has been challenging to juggling it all. Did you learn any insights or do you have any thoughts on how to function at such a peak level in multiple different areas at the same time?

    1. Hey Rishi! Thank you for looking at my learning centre and commenting. I would say that Sunisa has talked about how she has to prioritize certain things in her life, but also being open to trying new things and sometimes even eliminating old things. Have a great evening!

  9. Hi Josee,
    I really liked the interactive format of your learning centre. I didn’t know much about Sunisa prior to her competing in the Olympics, I thought you did a great job of sharing all her accomplishments.

    1. Hey Larissa! Thank you so much for looking at my learning centre and I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself. Have a great day!

  10. Great museum, Josee! You did a wonderful job teaching us about Sunisa! I was wondering if you could speak more to the recent events with hate crimes and the anti-Asian sentiments she has faced with Covid? How have those impacted her?

    1. Hey Ms. Wasstrom! Thank you so much for looking at my learning centre and commenting. I would say that recent events of hate crimes that have happened to Sunisa have impacted her tremendously. She’s currently in the spotlight and still is having to deal with these reoccurring events, with the public watching. It’s so hard for her to stand and speak up for herself. She’s talked about how it has greatly impacted her mental health.

      Hope this answers your question!
      Josee Ng

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