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  1. Hey Josee! I really liked your Talon talk, it was very visually entertaining with all the videos and the organization, and it was pretty easy to understand. It was cool how you chose a topic that related to something you are passionate about. I was wondering, how will you apply what you learned to improve in your own gymnastics skills?

    1. Thank you Bridget! I’m glad you watched my Talon talk and enjoyed it. I would say that I’ve never really thought of the science behind gymnastics before this project. But now that I have, I’m able to think about it and apply it to my own gymnastics, which will hopefully help me improve!

  2. Hi Josee, great job on your TALON talk! I really liked how well you explained the science behind the springboard and the vault and the examples you provided. You were very passionate about this topic and delivered it well. I was wondering in what other aspects in your life might Newton’s laws be beneficial for you to know about?

    1. Hey Rian! I would say that Newton’s laws apply in a lot of our daily lives. It is beneficial for everyone to know in a few different aspects of life. It helps us understand and even accomplish certain tasks. For example, if somebody doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle, knowing newton’s second law could help them succeed in learning how to.

  3. Hey, Jossie! amazing Talon Talk! I love hove visual it is and it vas very clear. Your interest in this question shows and I can see your passion for gymnastics. When you first started gymnastics were you taught the role Newton’s laws applied to your tricks?

  4. Ahoj.

    The inclusion of Newton’s laws was something I wasn’t expecting to hear, but it’s inclusion made the talk more engaging for me. I also liked the two videos you included at the end where the viewer is tested on knowledge that they learned. I thought it was a nice tool for the viewer to see if they understood what they were listening to.

    Do the professional gymnasts that perform these tricks keep in mind the science you mentioned here, or are they largely unaware? If they are unaware, then how much do you think their performance could be improved with this knowledge?

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