In-Depth: Post 6

“Love is what carries you, for it is always there, even in the dark, or most in the dark, but shining out at times like gold stitches in a piece of embroidery. ”

– Wendell Berry

Welcome back!

This week’s post will be my last blog post for In-Depth 2022. I will be giving one last progress report on my project, mentor, and my plans for In-Depth Night at the end of May.

Progress Report

Over the past two weeks I’ve gone a little slower since I’ve had some upcoming events to focus on, and I mostly worked on designs for my project. I had a call with Michelle talking about some ideas I could do for my final project, and we were talking about something like a flower field with a painted background and a quote. I chose to try and incorporate those ideas the most since they are the main patterns I’ve learnt to embroider throughout In-Depth. After our meeting I drew up some ideas with those main components, and I also drew some mains shapes I would colour in with watercolours as a part of the background.

Two possible ideas I’ve sketched out for my final project.

As for the project itself, I will be working on it over the next little while, updating Michelle as I progress. As for the piece itself, I will probably be using a larger hoop, most likely my 8 inch hoop, as I want to make this project a fancy finishing project.


Over the past two weeks Michelle and I had a meeting discussing my last project (scenery) and ideas for my final project. I told her about the meltdown I had with the watercolours on my previous piece and told her that I would try to make a background again but with thicker paints this time. We discussed ideas for my final project, and I told her about some of my ideas and she told me some of hers. We agreed that I would draw up some designs and send them to her so she could help me choose what my final project would look like.

In-Depth Night

For In-Depth night, I’m planning on having a table where I will be displaying all my projects, and I will also be working on a project in front of people. I will display the projects I’ve made, and I will likely buy a small paint easel to prop up on or two of the pieces. I will also be bringing my embroidery supplies (thread, needles, hoop, fabric, etc.) and will be creating a project at my table, answering any questions and explaining what I am doing as I go.

A rough idea of how I would like to display my pieces during In-Depth Night.


Below is a PDF of a journal I kept to write updates and more detailed descriptions of projects.

in depth journal

Updated Timeline

Plan: An outline of methods, activities, strategies, people, and resources you can use to meet your challenge

Timetable: The specific dates or times when you will accomplish the steps in your plan
Find a vision or goal. Before December 17th (done)
Find and contact a mentor. Before December 20th (done)
Make sure mentor has completed necessary forms. January 12th (done)
Do some research on embroidery. December 31st – January 10th (done)
Start finding stitches I want to learn. January 3rd – January 10th (done)
Find four types of patterns that I want to work on and two types of fabrics. Before January 31st (done)
Buy (most) needed supplies. Before January 31st (done)
Start learning and practicing stitches. January 16th – January 31st (done)
Start practicing a certain genre and complete a design for first mini project. Before January 31st (done)
Finish first mini project. February 6th (done)
Learn to care for finished product. February 6th (done)
Start working on second genre. February 7th (done)
Finish and care for second project. February 28th done)
Finish and care for third project. March 28th (done)
Finish and care for fourth project. April 18th (done)
Finish final project. May 22nd (in progress)
Complete a journal of what I have learnt and this journey. May 28th (done)


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