Eminent Intro Posts (Dirac) – Reflection

The process of looking at others’ blog posts was actually pretty interesting. Most notably, I learned about a lot of cool people that I’m excited to learn more about as their projects progress. Specifically Frank Wright and Marie Curie, with me not even knowing that the former existed. On maybe a more human note, I found it pretty neat to look through the work of my peers. I usually only get to see the end presentation (if that) of my classmates’ work, so I actually found it to be quite fun looking through the early stages of their projects. Additionally, It gave me a better understanding of the pool that I’m swimming in, and helped me identify spots where I should up my game. It was also really useful to read through them after receiving the feedback. There are inevitably many things to improve upon in my post, and reading examples of other posts gave a clearer picture of what an improved version might look like. Such as the way Saihaj or Tyler integrated their eminent person into their TALONS goals in a way that I thought was impressive.