In-Depth 2022 | Post #6

Welcome to my final blog post for In-Depth 2022!   These past couple weeks have gone by fast. I’ve met with my mentor, cooked a dish, and finally started putting recipes together for my cookbook. Finishing the project off strong, I made niçoise salad as my final dish, as per my brother’s request. I learned […]

In-Depth 2022 | Post #5

Welcome to my fifth blog post for In-Depth 2022!   In the past few weeks, I have made an Indian breakfast dish, interviewed my brother, and met with my mentor. Last week, instead of picking a specific meal to cook, my mentor and I decided to pick ‘curry’ as the theme of our dish, then […]

In-Depth 2022 | Post #4

Welcome to my fourth blog post for In-depth 2022!   After 4 weeks of working on my vegetarian cooking, I am back with another progress report. I was away for most of spring break, so my mentor and I only cooked one dish. However, I was able to connect with a friend from Indiana, (Thelma) […]

In-Depth 2022 | Post #3

Welcome to my third blog post for In-depth 2022! Congrats to all of you who are still here, following me on my journey to perfect the arts of plant-based cooking. Since my last post, I met with my mentor, went up to Whistler for a weekend to ski with my family, and cooked CRISPY CAULIFLOWER TACOS! […]

In-Depth 2022 | Post #2

Welcome to my second blog post for In-depth 2022! In the past weeks, I’ve finished my research on cooking, including different types of proteins, the components of a good meal, and some basic skills/technics. Two days ago, I cooked my first meal ‘alongside’ my mentor.   So, who is my mentor? Ms. Lee is my […]

In-Depth 2022 | Introductory Post

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! This year for In-depth I chose to learn cooking -or more specifically- vegetarian cooking. I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life, not to be confused with being vegan. The definition of vegetarian I go by is “Ovo-lacto-vegetarian”. This means I eat dairy (mostly for the cheese 🙂 and […]

Peer Interview Feedback Reflection

While practicing for my “real” interview, I was able to conduct an interview, be interviewed, and observe my peers. This process taught me many lessons and showed me what I need to improve on in future interviews. First, I conducted my interview. Since I was the first person in my group to go, the beginning […]