In-Depth 2020 Part 1

Hello Avery here and this year will be my first In-Depth project. I’ve done similar style projects in the past but nothing as big as this. After much thought over winter break I have decided to do SFX makeup this year. Currently I don’t have a mentor but I am still looking and hope to find one very soon. There are some specifics of SFX makeup that I want to focus on and get good at. I’ve planned to start with bruises and working my way to doing harder things until I get to my final project. After bruises I hope to work on cuts after bruising, then impaled objects, claw marks, and finally my end project which I still need to narrow down options for. For these different skills I’ll be practising on myself and others, for each individual skill I will be practising on different people. As far as the locations I will be practising at school or occasionally at one of our houses when I am practicing on my friends. Once I get my mentor I will meet them at either my house with a parent there or out in a public place. Since as I just mentioned I don’t have a mentor I don’t have exact times on when we will meet but I’ll update when I do know when my first meeting will be.

The reason I chose to do SFX makeup as my In-Depth is because I’ve always found it fascinating and thought it would be cool to do also I have no experience with makeup (I only wear like lip-gloss) so this should be interesting. Finally the way I’m going to do this is meet up with the people I’m going to be working with but before that I’m going to need to purchase the necessary materials such as foundations, skin cleansers, and liquid latex in order to start practising on people.

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