In-Depth 2020 Part 3

Hello again I have a new update…

I have met with my mentor!

Shona is such a nice lady and she really helped me out figuring out information about interior design. Shona answered all my questions and gave me lots of insightful tips. We have discussed the room shape and the general layout of where the supposed furniture should go. Before we meet again I will need to remove some of the old toys, clothes, and useless furniture from my room. After everything I don’t want is gone, Shona will be coming over to my place to help create a more detailed plan. I really got to know Shona during our meeting as we talked for a long time. As it turns out Shona was in her last year of criminology and training to be a police officer when she realized she didn’t want to do that and she wanted to do interior design.

I have also created my first mood board and am in the process of doing my next one. Mood boards really help with planning out the colours and what colours apply to what portions of the room. Once I have made multiple mood boards I will pick one to base my room off of and that will be what I will be aiming to have my room look like.

My goals for the remained of the month and heading into next month is to get the old furniture out of my room and create the detailed plan for where the new furniture will go. If we get past that part relatively quickly the next step would be to buy paint and repaint my walls. After that we can discuss budgeting and then start shopping for the furniture.

Now that my in-depth is in motion it should start picking up pace and I’m super excited to compare the original room to the end one.