In-Depth 2020 Part 4

The quarantine implemented due to the recent pandemic caused a big dent in plans because I was no longer able to meet with my mentor. However, we still message and video call to discuss my in-depth. At this point, I have stopped making mood boards and am actively working on styling the room. The process of working on redecorating will be done in 9 steps which are listed below.
Step 1: Remove all old toys and clothes from room and then either throw them out or donate them.
Step 2: Remove non-essential furniture in the room to make the painting process easier.
Step 3: Paint walls light grey
Step 4: Remove the old furniture and replace it with the new furniture
Step 5: Add wallpaper to accent wall
Step 6: Purchase smaller decor to better showcase the room’s style
Step 7: Enjoy brand new room
I finished step 1 before the quarantine happened and step 2 was finished about 1 week ago.

Before and after the wardrobe removal.

My next step is repainting the walls, my family was going to hire someone to do it but due to recent events, we may need to do it ourselves. Most likely that step will be started later this week after we purchase the paint. Step 4 is going to be a bother because I can’t leave the house to go give someone my old furniture but I could still purchase the new furniture. Steps 5 and 6 will be the easiest because a lot of what I want can be purchased online and step 7 isn’t even really a step.

I frequently contact my mentor with random questions like which are the best websites to get certain things, finalizing colour schemes, and to discuss the steps I’m working on. I have gotten quite close to Shona and we can talk a lot more casually with each other. On March 13th while I was at school she came over to meet up with my mother but also asked me if she could see my room to see what we were working with.

Thinking about my most difficult mentoring challenge up to this point would be the fact that we can no longer meet up and she cannot come over to monitor my progress. Even though we can video call and I can send her images it isn’t the same as her being in the room and getting a feel for the dimensions.

Some things that have been working well for my project are the exchanges with my mentor and coming up with the design aspects I want. didn’t struggle too much with creating potential colour schemes and my mentor has been positive and informative when I ask her questions.

What could be working better is the pace at which my project is going and going faster. I am following through when I set days to finish certain aspects and make sure to constantly remind those who are helping me with this.

3 thoughts on “In-Depth 2020 Part 4

  1. Good progress under challenging circumstances. Can you re-purpose existing furniture for now? This may be a good time to learn how to paint the wall yourself. Photos are helpful.

    1. Yeah, my family was planning to give the wardrobe to a friend and we have a game room on our bottom floor that has some furniture in it that we can swap out and repaint to match the room. My father and I are mgoing to purchase the paint and paint the interior of the closet this weekend for sure but we aren’t positive we can get to the rest of the room by the end of the weekend.

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