In-Depth 2020 Part 5

Well, with the state of things it is getting even harder to work on my In-Depth. Currently we are about to purchase the paint and I am getting ready to prepare my room. This is going to take awhile considering we will need to tape where the wall meets the carpet and ceiling and pull everything away from the walls. After the mains walls are done I will be painting my closet interior white.

My mentor is still helping me by providing online resources such as her personal favourite website for purchasing wallpaper, spoonflower. Because we are not able to meet face-to-face she cannot provide me anything physical such as samples of paints, and information on good stores to go to isn’t very useful right now. She has said that some of the really good furniture stores for me are Urban Barn and Ashley HomeStore for furniture and Homesense for rugs. Also because my mentor is a real interior designer she gives me the opportunity to get her to request furniture from stores that only sell to interior designers and not just regular people which is really cool. I am quite lucky to be working with Shona because she is helping me with something she would normally charge someone for. If she wasn’t being this kind I would have probably struggled with finding a better mentor for free. Meaning that I would have been delayed even more when I started my In-Depth.

When my mentor and I get together to talk, over the first half of our conversations will be about interior design and tips involving that however the latter half of our calls and meetings will often drift to more personal topic and we spend that time getting to know each other. The two of us discuss colour theory and good colour and shades pairings. We’ve discussed energies of rooms and how we want to feel in them. I’ve decided to go for a calming room so I’ll be looking for some rich blue colour accents. Shona is a very considerate and kind person so she’s been very considerate especially during recent developments. Also because I obtained Shona as a mentor through my mother I hear them talk over zoom with their friend group sometimes. The two of are learning about each other’s preferences and beliefs. For example when it comes to rooms Shona believes it is not a good idea to do trends because you shouldn’t decorate a room to compare it to others. A room should be made to your prefences in her opinion so if you find something you like for it even if it doesn’t fit the theme she says you should get it. I also asked what she though about matching plants to room decoration and she said that plants are their own entity and don’t need to be paired to a room. Shona has some very positive beliefs and they reflect her personality perfectly.