In-Depth Night

Hello Everyone, I’m Avery!

After months of planning and working on our projects, In-Depth night has finally arrived.

My chosen topic for In-Depth is interior design.

My mentor Shona Fraser was really nice and fun to talk with and helped out in decisions on what to do for my final project as well as answering any questions I had.

When I began this project I knew that it would be very hands on and chose for my final project to be actually designing my room. This was the best project for me to do because it actually applies what I’m learning. For my end result I wanted more decorations but because of the quarantine I couldn’t go shopping in stores any more so that cut out drastically what I could use in the end. Additionally 3 pieces of furniture I was planning to use were inaccessible to me which sucks. The room as of now looks quite simplistic but hopefully after stores open again I can fully finish what I started.

I created a power point about my final In-Depth and it includes before and after shots as well as a few pictures from the process of it all.

I also made a couple colour swatches.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment them on this post and have a wonderful In-Depth night!

32 thoughts on “In-Depth Night

  1. Avery you’re room is sooo pretty! Your interior design is really paying off!

    1. Love the colour palette and how you applied this project to your life! Next year, if you had to continue building upon these skills, what would you focus on? Great work!

  2. PP shows the process effectively. Why is the accent wall blue? Did you manage to alter any furniture or is this next year’s project?

    1. Ms. Mulder,
      I chose to do the accent wall blue because it matches the sheets on the bed as well as the shelves that are still currently being painted. Plus the drapes and mini table once I can purchase them will be the same colour. I didn’t alter too much of the furniture and I might continue this for next year but I’m not sure

  3. I love the idea of doing interior design for in-depth! Your room looks so aesthetic now!

      1. I donated/threw out multiple garbage bags full of old toys, clothes, books, and anything that I didn’t want anymore.

  4. Great work Avery, i really like the idea of a mood board…may try that!
    Mrs. C. Landsky

    1. Yeah my mentor suggested I do that and it really helped to give me an idea for the colours. I used Milanote for my mood boards if you want a website recommendation.

  5. Great project! I love what you’ve done with your room. It’s very calming.

  6. The PP really showcased all the thought and hard work that you put into your room transformation. I think that creating a bedroom that feels good to be in speaks volumes to your mental state while studying or sleeping. Great job.

  7. Hi,

    I love how this project was very practical. How can you see yourself using these skills in the future?

    1. Well this can help in different ways seeing as I spent some time on colour theory, layouts, hands-on crafting, painting, and planning so these skills can help in various things later on in life. Also eventually I’ll need to style my own house and previous interior design knowledge will help with that.

  8. Hi Avery, Great job on this project, I love the clean, uncluttered aesthetic! It must have been tough with all the stores closed to complete everything. Your hard work and vision really shines!

  9. How can we hired you for the future? Haha! I see a business opportunity for the future here.

  10. Your project looks amazing, Avery! So many little details went into your work, and while your old room looks nice, the redesign looks even better! Great In-Depth!

  11. Great Job Avery! I can tell you’ve spent a lot of time on your project and have learned a lot, too! 🙂

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