In-Depth 2021 Part 4

In my last update I had finally purchased some beginning supplies and tried to do a sort of natural makeup look.However after all I’ve done this past little bit I’ve come to the realization that I really hate this eyeliner. It works about as well as a year old sharpie. Anyways, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I might either purchase a new one or just struggle through it.

Now I’ve started to apply those skills more by trying various more bold looks. I did a lot of work with eyeliner and eyeshadow because I hope to be more adept at those skills by the end of this project. I messed around with various colours to see what i liked and didn’t and what I was good at and what I wasn’t. One of the biggest problems I ran into when working on my eyeshadow was that since I don’t have a eyeliner pencil I can’t colour in the waterline (waterline image below). So the eyeliner and eyeshadow colours never reach fully to my eye, there’s always a gap.

My favourite eye makeup look was this one because the eyeliner came out the cleanest in the end. It’s a purple eyeshadow on my eye and underneath with a winged liner and silver eyeshadow in the inner eye corner. I came up with the style of it by just trying a bunch of random things one day.And my least favourite was this one because it was really messy. I did have a reference photo but the pink eyeshadow just looked quite tacky when applied like that on my face and the eyeliner being that thick doesn’t look very good.

There were also more pieces I did this time. In regards to the first one, I put the eyeliner stroke too high up so when my eyes were open the line became hidden by the eye crease (as shown in the latter half of the image). I did like the way the eyeliner came out from the bottom of my eye so I will probably use that again.

I don’t particularly like the blue one either since my palette only has one shade of blue which limits me. I also don’t have white eyeliner so I tried to use silver eyeshadow but as you can see it doesn’t show up well. I liked the white mascara though so I might incorporate it into something else later if I can get a white eyeliner.The rainbow one is actually my second favourite piece out of all the ones that I’ve done since the eyeliner is really clean and again I like having eyeliner goes past my tear ducts. The camera quality of this image turned out really terrible but the time I noticed it I had already washed off the colours unfortunately.

I also did a little work on my eyebrows but since they aren’t shaped all I could do was darken them a bit, but it still doesn’t look great. I was taught more tips on drawing in your eyebrows after I made this attempt so I’m hoping to shape them, possibly get a brow gel, and then try again because it will hopefully look a lot better.

Now that I’ve got something to build off I’m going to purchase a better contour and highlighter and then start to do nose contouring by the next meeting.

Another thing I was suggested that I should actually get a primer just to smooth out the face better when applying foundation. I had previously been considering getting it but now I’m much more likely to go purchase that if I’m able to go and get it.

I’ve asked various questions such as “What skin care products would you recommend for dry skin?” and “From your personal experience is powder or stick better for contour and highlighter?”

Based on what I know from my mentor and from various other sources I’ve determined that I’m going to try a contour stick instead of contour powder. Additionally I will be picking up more skincare products to make sure to keep my skin healthy as I continue on with my in-depth. The skincare products I will be getting are part of the brand eminence since my grandmother runs a spa from home and regularly purchases their products.

A new point of view I have developed is that I prefer cream products over powders which is a big reason why I want to get a contour stick instead of continuing with powder.

I’ve been doing things independently for the most part because that’s what works best with my mentor’s really busy schedules but she offers tip or changes to things I do or have done and always gives a detailed response to my questions.

So yeah, this has been my most productive period of time and I’ve definitely learned the most. I cannot wait to see what happens by my next update and I hope I’ll have more supplies by then. So see you next post!