In-Depth 2021 Part 6

I had some time after the lessons mentioned in the last update before my next lessons so one day I asked Simran for a random eyeliner style to try. The picture she chose was definitely a bold look:

The process of replicating this involved a lot of micellar water and q-tips, as I would frequently have to fix the points. Nevertheless, after like an hour I managed to produce something I was quite proud of, the strokes were quite a bit thicker than the reference image but overall successful. In the future, I am thinking of doing an eyeliner that’s complex like this but matching it to both sides.


With my new mentor, my In-Depth was moving a lot faster as we attempted to catch up on missed time at the beginning.

Our second makeup lesson was an evening look. This included a Smokey eye, fake eyelashes, neutral lip colour, and then the regular base makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, contour, brows, setting powder).

She requested I did my skin-care, foundation, and concealer in advance to save time. Once we began the lesson, we did the same contouring, blush, and brows as previously done in the daytime look from my last post. The part where things really became different was when we use an eyeliner pencil to put on my outer eyelid. This was to create a base for the Smokey eye and then we blended it out on the eyelid a bit. My personal eyeliner did not do this very well, as it did not apply very creamy so this was a struggle for me. We applied brown eyeshadow to the eye crease then did an off-white shade in the area above it and up to the brows for depth. A shimmery purple was applied overtop of the eyeliner base and then I used a silver on my inner corner for a pop.

Then we tried something new for the first time, applying fake eyelashes. This was not my first time ever wearing fake eyelashes because back when I was younger and did dance we were required to wear fake lashes for recitals, however, at that age I was finicky and hated putting on false eyelashes so much. When I was that age though my mom was the one that put them on do this was the first time I ever used them myself. I had bought the lashes and glue the day before in preparation for this lesson. When I took a pair out, I applied the glue to the band I noticed how hard it was to get it to line up properly, and struggled a bit with that. Despite my struggling, I ended up gluing a part to my eyelid instead of only on my eyelashes so later when I went to remove it all I had a spot where the glue mixed with the eyeliner on my eye and I could not get it off.

After that, all we had left to do was apply a neutral lip-gloss and then we were finished. Overall, this was not my favourite look.

Our next lesson was by far my favourite one.

The look this time was a vintage 50’s makeup. This included previous base makeup, white eyeshadow, cat eyeliner, fake lashes again, sharp pointed brows, and a bright red lipstick.

During my time with my first mentor I had practiced doing eye eyeliner on my own so I was quite confident in it when we did our lesson. When it came to the lashes, I ended up gluing on my eyelid again. I really liked doing my eyebrows in the shape that we did it for this lesson because I prefer that shape to a rounded one. When it came time to do the lipstick we used a red lip pencil to outline and then a regular red lipstick to fill in.

This lesson was a lot easier for me that the others because I had already worked with the base makeup layer in the last two lessons and had tried doing my eyebrows and eyeliner like that in the past. In addition, the eyeshadow was simple so there has was not much challenge in that areas either.

Examples of concepts in our session would be creating shadows and depth on a face, giving the appearance of featuring being smaller or bigger, and creating contrast of colours to highlight certain areas and features.

For my learning center, I’m thinking of putting together a PowerPoint showing my first pieces compared to my last and doing a get-ready-with-me video where I go through the motions of doing my makeup.

As we worked together, my mentor has always given me suggestions and tips and the alternatives if those do not work. For example, if I need a product she’ll give me a good drugstore brand instead of just telling me about the high-end products. This is nice compared to my last mentor who would just say to get Sephora products without giving me specifics or alternatives. When we’re on a call and my mentor begins to work with something that I don’t have yet, like setting powder, a specific brush, primer, etc., she always helps me figure out a solution so that I can continue with my lesson.

My mentor said in our next lesson we can do something of my choice and since I still haven’t decided on it you will have to find out next update.

Anyways see you soon!