In-Depth 2021 Night

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a long time since I started my In-Depth and it’s crazy that it’s already over. I believe I improved a lot throughout this process and I hope it shows in my final project.

Attached is a video of the process I go through when I do my makeup.

Headphones Recommended!

In-Depth Video Link

The video includes skincare routine at mark 0:13, makeup at mark 1:39, bloopers at mark 7:44, and a timeline of the pieces I’ve done at mark 9:36. feel free to skip to whatever section you want. Also ignore the terrible video quality it went bad as I exported it and I couldn’t fix it.


12 thoughts on “In-Depth 2021 Night

  1. You used eye shadow really well in your looks! Your blending was amazing. What products were your favorite to use?

  2. You’ve improved a lot over time and the final look’s really good! we love the huge lashes

  3. Glad you were able to pivot and found another skill to explore with a mentor’s help. Your video is engaging and informative? What was the most challenging about this project and skill?

  4. thank you for this premium avery content! what would you say your favourite makeup look you’ve tried is?

  5. these are really impressive avery! I love the rainbow eye shadow
    how long would you say you spent on the full face makeup?

  6. Wow! I didn’t know there was so much to do!! Looks like you’ve become an expert! Nice Job!

  7. Thanks Avery! I appreciate how you went right from skin up all the way to lashes at the finish. The blooper reel was a hoot! What is the function of foundation and contouring when you already have such great skin? Is it always necessary or is this a going out look?

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