In-Depth 2020 Part 5

Well, with the state of things it is getting even harder to work on my In-Depth. Currently we are about to purchase the paint and I am getting ready to prepare my room. This is going to take awhile considering we will need to tape where the wall meets the carpet and ceiling and pull […]

In-Depth 2020 Part 4

The quarantine implemented due to the recent pandemic caused a big dent in plans because I was no longer able to meet with my mentor. However, we still message and video call to discuss my in-depth. At this point, I have stopped making mood boards and am actively working on styling the room. The process […]

In-Depth 2020 Part 3

Hello again I have a new update… I have met with my mentor! Shona is such a nice lady and she really helped me out figuring out information about interior design. Shona answered all my questions and gave me lots of insightful tips. We have discussed the room shape and the general layout of where […]

In-Depth 2020 Part 2

Hello I’m back again and I have an update. I was originally going to do SFX make-up but there were too many complications with finding and contacting mentors. I decided it would be in my best interest to pick another topic for In-Depth, so I have changed my In-Depth to interior design. My mentor is […]

In-Depth 2020 Part 1

Hello Avery here and this year will be my first In-Depth project. I’ve done similar style projects in the past but nothing as big as this. After much thought over winter break I have decided to do SFX makeup this year. Currently I don’t have a mentor but I am still looking and hope to […]