About Me

 Carolyn’s about me

hi i’m Carolyn, i used to do a lot of different sports but know i’m very focused on my favorite sport, hockey. i have no pets  and i enjoy creative writing. i love baking and cooking i find it a really great way to be creative and express my self

some of my favorite things to do are

  • play hockey
  • cook
  • sing
  • read
  • act
  • listen to musicals
  • i’m interested in learning about history


i like this website because i enjoy playing chess and it is one of the best free online places to play chess, and a total bonus is you can play against friends. I have some really fun memories of playing chess against friends in middle school on this site and playing chess face to face with family ( pre covid).



i really like the small ted talk videos because they give me small amount of information about something i never would have known about, i really enjoy learning new things and these videos give a lot of insight condensed down into a 5 minute video that you can watch on the bus or on the car ride to school. some of my favorite  ted eds are how to un-boil an egg, is the illuminati real,  history’s most mysterious book ( about the Voynich) and the interesting life and death of Rasputin.


What is Hockey Rink Glass?

this is an ice rink, it isn’t a specific ice rinks it is just an ice rink, some frozen water, a freezer system some plastic and wood around it, but for me its where i’ve spent years, i’ve been skating since i was 3 and playing hockey since i was 5 so an ice rink is where i spend a lot of my time, where i have a lot of fun and how i’ve met some of my best friends, so ice rinks have become a really important part of my life.

this is the first photo of a black hole, it speaks to me personally because it just looks like some blurry orange circle when in reality it is an incredible scientific advancement that took years to achieve, the amount of effort and people it took to get one picture and the fact that they only had one shot to take this picture ( if it had rained or been cloudy this picture wouldn’t exist) speaks to me that sometimes something may seem weird or small or insignificant at first glance upon deeper research it can be crucial.




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