Quarter 2 Core Competencies Reflection

My goal is…

I want to change some bad habits regarding time management and work. I am trying to become more organized and improve my work ethic.

How has it been going?  What challenges have you had?

So far, based on how I have been managing my work lately, I think I am heading in the right direction and my bad habits seem to be getting better. However, there also seems to be a lighter workload recently, and if that is the case, it’s quite hard to accurately judge my progress.

What artefact(s) from Q1 or Q2 have you chosen to show your progress?

Here are my English/social studies grades from quarter 2. I think I really handled quarter quite nicely, especially with the English Eminent speech and learning centre that I finished without too much stress.

What would you like to adjust or refocus going forward?

I still want to continue with everything that I’m already doing, but I want to adjust my primary incentives more towards my work habits. Right now, I think it would benefit me most if I reduce my time on screens and give my eyes a bit of a break. It is only recently that I realized how priceless time is. By reducing distractions, redundant tasks, and inefficiencies, I can create more time for myself to do other activities to supplement my learning.

What are some strategies your peers use to cope with stress?

It’s impossible to get rid of stress completely, but there are good ways to manage it and you’re your life easier. When you have a lot of work to do, it’s best to confront your stress, be productive, and get your work done early, especially for big school projects. Don’t try to relieve stress by avoiding any work you are doing, because then you’ll end up having more stress later on.

What habit do you want to establish to help you manage your stress levels?

To manage my stress levels, I will employ the strategy of taking short breaks from my work every once in a while, to refresh my mind and remove distractions. This ensures that I am at top efficiency whenever I am working. It is crucial that I time the breaks correctly: Too frequently, it’ll be a waste of time; too irregularly, I’ll sometimes lose efficiency; too short, the effect will be too small; too long, I will get distracted.

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