In-Depth Post #6

Hi all! As this project is coming to an end, this will probably be my last post. I had another meeting with my mentor, and we discussed how I will be presenting on in-depth night.

Progress update

As promised, here is a recording Over the Rainbow. Unfortunately, the file exceeds the upload limit for this blog site so you will have to click the link below:

Click here for recording

There are a few aspects of this piece that I am still unsatisfied with. I would have liked to play it a bit faster, but was limited primarily by my shifting speed and my ability to use vibrato on shorter notes. As such, I also have not been very confident using these two skills I have been practising in my pieces, and I use them quite sparingly. You may have also noticed that some of my notes were a little off tune and the middle section wasn’t very smooth. I will put a lot of focus into improving my shifting in preparation for in-depth night.

I have also been continuing to do the drills mentioned in previous blog posts, and on top of that I started practising some scales and arpeggios, as these patterns can be very commonly found in pieces, especially classical music.

In-depth  night

For in-depth night, I plan on doing a stage performance to show what I have learned. Since I have limited time on the stage, I obviously cannot play all the pieces I have played throughout this project. So, I started a new piece, Musette in D major from the RCM level 3 repertoire. I picked this piece because I think it is quite technically demanding and involves a variety of skills that will allow me to showcase as much of my learning as possible. I will also try to record my performance and post it so those who are not able to watch my performance live will still be able to see it. I hope that there will be noticeable improvements from my original baseline that I included in my first post.

I also plan on having another final meeting with me mentor in between now and in-depth night to improve this piece more.

Thanks for reading!

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