About Me

About Me

Hobbies and Interests

  • Playing musical instruments – I enjoy playing a variety of musical instruments such as piano, clarinet, and flute.
  • Video Games – I like to play Minecraft sometimes in my free time.
  • Coding – I used to code some big projects using Java, but it got quite boring and I don’t do it as much anymore.
  • Playing with electrical circuits – This is something that I recently got interested in. I consider myself relatively inexperienced and I only have some basic knowledge of electricity and magnets.
  • Online chess – Another thing that I recently got interested in. I am still new to chess and I lose most of my games.
  • Reading – I read before I go to bed every night.

Some Websites and Images that You Might be Interested in

Where I play online chess

I also use this website quite often as well.

Where I spend much of my free time

I spend way more time here than I should.

An example of spaghetti code in Java. Sometimes it is entertaining when I see code that is so unstructured and unoptimized to the point where no one can even understand what the code is supposed to do.

An example of an interesting musical instrument called a handpan. This instrument produces a unique sound unlike any other insrument.

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