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Digital Literacy #4 -Eminent Speech

English Eminent Speech

The second English assignment I have chosen for my DL project is my Eminent Speech. For this assignment, I had to write a speech from the perspective of an inanimate object on the life and achievements of eminent person, Robert Capa. For this assignment, I had to research my notable intensively, and then summarize their achievements in an engaging 5-minute speech. Below is my speech.

Eminent Address (click here)

  1. I identify and discuss bias in research sources

When researching and writing this speech, I had to be careful of what information to include from my sources. This is because Robert Capa was glorified in media around the 1940s, and some of the information of his feats were highly exaggerated. I had to identify this bias in my research to make sure I wasn’t passing incorrect information. For example, Robert Capa photographed the Omaha Beach Landing during D-Day. Though he landed at the beach later on into a fight and wasn’t in much danger, magazines wrote that he was in the heat of the battle and nearly died, in order to create a superhero narrative for him.

2. My work demonstrates a positive, productive, and empathetic worldview

My speech demonstrated a positive, productive and empathetic worldview. It demonstrates this because I focused on really highlighting the positives of Capa’s life and the ways he improved the world we lived in(combatting censorship, capturing horrors of war to show to the rest of the world, etc). I didn’t want to focus on the few small negatives of his career (staged photos, etc.), because I didn’t want that to be the lasting impression on my audience. I believe that the positives of his career outway the negatives, and it would be unfair to his legacy to have my entire speech be about his shortcomings.



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