Peer Interview Reflection

Justin C


Ms. Wasstrom

October 30th 2021


Hello reader, I will be reflecting on the process of interviewing a peer to practice for my eminent person interview.

Although this practice interview was with someone that I already have a solid connection, Dylan, I found this process to be quite insightful. I found that my ability to come up with questions on the spot was better than I had anticipated. My interviewing process went smoothly and I was able to keep a professional appearance. I maintained a good amount of eye contact and had generally good posture and body language throughout the interviewing process. I found a few things that I could improve on myself, as well as feedback from my peers which I will discuss below.

My main takeaway from the Eminent person practice interview is that I need to show my interviewee more excitement about and interest in what they are saying. One of the pieces of feedback I received was that my voice was a bit monotone and lacked expression. I can work on this by well, putting more expression in my voice. This will make the interviewee understand that I am engaged and I care about the interview as something more than just a school project. An aspect I noticed in myself was that sometimes I would stretch one question much longer than I needed. Although this wasn’t written on my feedback sheet I noticed that I would often ask 3 or more follow-up questions that would end up being a big use of time. In the future, I can fix this by limiting myself to fewer follow-up questions (or ones that are more relevant to my upcoming questions) to be more precise and make better use of my time.

This interview assignment was a very valuable learning experience for me in which I got to know my strengths and weaknesses as an interviewer. I will use the feedback that I got from Alexandra while interviewing Dylan to allow me to have a successful interview in the future, as I search for someone to interview and eventually conduct the interview.

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