Core Competencies Activity

How Important is Grit? - Feedback2Reviews

Grit Score: 4.00/5


  1. During Quarter 1, what went well for you? Examples: being back in the classroom, having only two courses, seeing my friends, keeping up with homework, playing volleyball, improving math, helping plan a virtual assembly, becoming more fit.
Overall, I believe that I was able to adapt really well to my first year in Highschool and the newly imposed protocols. This made the first quarter much easier than I assumed it to be and in the end it went smoothly. I was able to get my homework done on time; handed in on time, and I wasn’t too stressed and anxious. I had PE during the first quarter which was a great way to get some extra workout. Science went well, didn’t do too bad, had a lot of fun. Wasn’t too shabby I would say. Better than being in quarantine at home to be completely honest. Great first quarter.







  1. During Quarter 1, what did you find challenging or disappointing or stressful? Explain.
I think everyone was a bit stressed about the fact that we would be going to school in the middle of a giant global pandemic and I was definitely one of those people. Though I did adapt it was challenging during the beginning of the first quarter.
This was also my first year in Highschool which in turn made me a bit anxious, because I had to meet a bunch of people and adapt to an entirely different learning environment.Might be a bit cliché but some of the homework assignments did get me a bit stressed but that was no biggie.







  1. Think of ONE thing you really want to improve in Quarter 2 (and Q 3&4). Examples: a school subject, a sport, time spent on homework/studying, playing a musical instrument, leadership skills, a language, photography, a relationship, general fitness.
I had a few tests this quarter that I 100% know I would’ve gotten much better marks on if I just studied a bit more diligently and with a bit more motivation. This can relate a bit as well to all the other homework assignments I would say also.
Just to reiterate, some of my assignments were lacking as well due to lack of understanding and motivation as well. This semi-procrastination also took up a lot of valuable free time as well.
So to summarize, I would spend more time on my homework and studying to continue to better my own education and my grades






  1. What are two specific actions that you can start doing every day to get closer to your goal? How long will you spend on this action each day? What part of the day?

Start doing assigned work the day it was assigned and doing a minimum of half an hour (30 minutes) of the assignment until it’s due. Preferably after extracurriculars and before 9PM. Also try to get the assignment in like 2 days before its assigned due date. This would stop any late assignments and get me a bit more motivated.
I would ask any teachers or peers for help if I don’t understand anything instead of the usual “trying to figure things out on my own” mentality.



As well as doing 30 minutes of homework for each piece of homework until its done, I will also study for a similar amount of time before a test to try to understand the material as much as possible. I will also ask questions and voice my concerns.




  1. If you experience challenges, what might you do to work through them? Examples: ask help from a friend or parent; break the task into smaller chunks; “google” how other people may deal with similar problems.
Use some Grit

Asking fellow peers or teachers would be a big one for me.

Organize my tasks into breathable and manageable sections so I can more easily get it done.