The Jade PNE Brochure and Paragraph


The Brochure ⬅

Jade Peony Mau Tan Pendant Necklace -

During my group’s planning stage for this assignment, I helped my group brainstorm the name of the theme park, many different ride ideas, merchandise ideas, character ideas, map ideas, and gave my opinion on my group members ideas. During the creation of The Jade PNE, I was in charge of creating character sketch descriptions and the sketches themselves.

For ride ideas, I suggested we do a boat ride similar to “A Small World” at Disneyland, except the boat is carrying bones and you’re trying to avoid getting hit by missiles, this was to mimic Wong-Suk’s journey in The Jade Peony. I also suggested ride ideas such a “Toy Story Mania” copy but you’re shooting Japanese Soldiers, as well as a ride similar to Atmos-fear at the PNE, but you’re in a warplane instead. All of these ideas made it to our final theme park. My last idea was to have a haunted house with Poh-Poh’s ghost chasing you, but since we needed an actual “ride”, the group decided to change it to a roller coaster.

A Merchandise idea that I contributed to the final product were the knitting needles (only 50 cents, you should get some). I brainstormed shows such as Dance Monkey, Lawn Fireworks, (Gay) boxing, Chinese Class, and Windchime class. For the map itself, I helped brainstorm the layout of map, and add touches like the houses surrounding the park and the baseball field. I also came up with the really bad excuse for a pun as the theme park’s name. Furthermore, I brainstormed ideas such as the “No Japanese”.

This part of brainstorming helped me gain insight into the book as I had to reference and look back at the key points of The Jade Peony and do my best to turn them into  relevant theme park ideas.

I was in charge of character designing for this project. I brainstormed what characters the park needed, and created the descriptions for said characters. After the descriptions were done, I sketched the 3 main characters in Photoshop. I also helped create the script for the presentation and the presentation itself.