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My name is Mike Shinoda, and you can learn more about me here.

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11 thoughts on “EMINENT LEARNING CENTRE 2021

  1. Hey Mike! Huge fan here! Thanks for sharing your wonderful life and accomplishments. It is incredible that your career has been so influential and strong. I was wondering if you could elaborate on your heritage and how that has effected your experience in the music industry. When you began you career, it was not common to see Japanese artists rapping or producing your styles of music, yet you have done so with excellence. What was that like for you? And then being honoured by the Japanese American Museum?

  2. Hello Mike Shinoda, I really enjoyed your music and listening to it helped me understand why you and your band have had such a profound affect on the music industry. The layout of your website was easy to follow and looked very professional. How has music helped you get through difficult times, such as when Chester Bennington passed away in 2017?

    1. Thank you for your insightful comments Mahtab! To answer your question, Chester Bennington’s death hit everyone hard, especially me. Chester was one of my best friends and it was tough losing him. I used music to help me cope with the grief of my loss, I wrote Post Traumatic to cope with his death and to express my feelings in that time. Thank you.

  3. Hello Mike Shinoda! I loved the setup of your website! The mixture of many pictures and information on the pages made your learning center very immersive. Your words on your eminence was very inspiring and impactful as well, but what motivated you to keep trying and not give up when you were trying to find a record deal?

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my website! And thanks for your kind words. The reason Linkin Park kept pushing for a record deal is because we believed in our music. I remember it was hard having your band trying to make new music that nobody has done before and trying to sell it to no avail. But I love music, it’s my passion and my livelihood. I knew that we had the potential to push the limits of sound. Trust the process.

  4. Hello Mike! You have clearly made an everlasting impact in the world of music. All of the pictures you incorporated looked amazing and helped tell the story of your life. You have had a long career in the music industry, what has kept you motivated to continue pursuing music?

    1. Thank you! I’m stoked that you enjoyed my Learning Centre. First, I love music, every aspect of it, it’s my way of giving back to the world. I could never give music up. Linkin Park is a great band, and I can’t imagine seeing it go. Second, I wanted to see music change. I kept pursuing music to push the boundaries of what was possible. Music is life. And in times of struggle, music is my escape.

  5. Hi Mike, I like your timeline, it flowed nicely. Your blog was also well organized. What is your favourite album or song, and why?

    1. Thanks Robert! I loved working on all my projects, both solo and in Linkin Park. it’s hard to pick a specific one because they’re all significant to me in some way. However I would say Hybrid Theory as my favourite album as it’s held up as our magnum opus and I loved working on it and I’m proud of how influential the record has become. My favourite song that I’ve made would probably be Waiting for the End, as I loved working on it.

  6. Very nice presentation. Mike, what would you say are the best influences of your band Linkin Park on the music industry?

    1. Thank you Ron! Glad you liked my Learning Centre. I would say our greatest influence on the music industry is that our band changed the world of rock and metal forever, and arguably music as a whole.

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