In-Depth Post #1

This year, I have chosen to learn the piano for my In-Depth project. Throughout this project, I hope to gain a basic understanding of playing the piano. Some specific skills that I will learn about include reading sheet music, basic music theory, and proper piano playing techniques involving posture and fingering. The overall goal that I want to achieve is to be able to play a collection of songs on the piano, specifically some songs that others can recognize and enjoy. Some examples of songs that I will work on learning are popular classical pieces and video game soundtracks.


I am very passionate about music. I have been playing the drums and guitar for a long time, and I have really enjoyed my experience playing musical instruments. The piano is an instrument that I am interested in and have always wanted to learn. In the past, I have wanted to start learning the piano, but I did not have time, proper motivation, and a mentor. I am very excited to be able to learn the piano rigorously for my In-depth project.

Another reason that I chose to learn the piano is to improve my digital music production skills. For the past few years, I have made digital music as a hobby. From learning the piano, I will gain important knowledge on music theory components such as dynamics and key signatures that I can apply to enhance my digital music and create more complex and emotional songs.

How are you going to learn this skill?

The piano is an instrument that is popular, yet complex. To learn the basics of the piano over the next few months, I have created a detailed plan. As I progress, I will make the necessary adjustments to the plan.

Early January – Late January: Have a meeting with my mentor to talk about my goals and my learning plan. Begin learning the fundamentals of the piano by playing exercises and practicing basic songs. Begin to practice reading notes on the bass and treble clef. Have weekly meetings with my mentor to check up on my progress and to receive valuable knowledge and feedback.

Early February – Mid March: Learn about basic music theory components such as time signature and dynamics. Implement my note reading skills by reading sheet music. Practice a few select songs that are at an appropriate difficulty level. Have meetings with my mentor every week or two to check up on progress and to receive guidance.

Late March – Mid April: Have a meeting with my mentor to come up with a list of songs that I will play for my final presentation. Spend time practicing the chosen songs.

Late April – End: Finish practicing the chose musical pieces and record a performance of myself playing the arrangement of songs on the piano. Edit the video recording together and present it to others.

What can others do to help you? 

I will able to receive support from my mentor. My mentor, Aubrey, is a friend of mine from middle school. He is an expert in the field. Aubrey has performed at various provincial and national competitions and won many awards. Since we now go to different schools, we don’t have too much time to talk. It’s really cool that we hang out again online as I learn with him in In-depth. He has a lot of experience that will be able to help me get started on my piano playing journey. I can also receive tips and feedback from my classmates in TALONS who have experience playing the piano, as well as some of my other friends. Finally, my classmates can provide encouragement as I progress through In-depth.

Current Progress

I have already begun to learn about playing the piano. So far, I have found resources on YouTube that taught me about playing scales, basic chords, and reading notes for sheet music. I have also practiced a basic classical piece to challenge myself and implement what I have learned so far. Here is a video of myself playing the first section of Minuet in G Major, composed by J. S. Bach:


I am really excited to see where In-depth is going to bring me this year!

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  1. Off to a great start. Thanks for sharing for piece you are learning to play.