After looking over my peers’ eminent blog posts, I felt that I learned a lot. I did not know about any of the eminent people my peers chose or even heard about them before so reading about what makes them eminent was interesting. For example, Carolyn’s reason for eminence about her person was like my chosen eminent persons’ reason, while Braeden’s was very different. The diversity in the subject of eminence gave me a lot to think about and learn. Everyone’s eminent person seemed to have faced a lot of struggles and that was admirable to me as it shows that obstacles can be pushed past. One aspect I focused a lot on was formatting the writing. We had to answer multiple questions through paragraph form, so I was interested in how each person would answer them. It was similar to how I did it which was to subtly include the answers. How they also designed their blog with the limited tools they had was also interesting. Mandy featured cool designs that I could not even access in mine.

After looking around, I have learned how to effectively answer questions about my eminent person and use more examples as my peers have. With the comments I received, I got a lot of feedback regarding my word choices as concision. Looking back, there are parts I could have worked on, especially in comparison to my peers. Another big struggle of mine is knowing how to organize and format my writing. By going over the way my peers did it, I’ve learned new word and sentence structure choices and have improved in those areas.

Eminent Introduction Blog Reflection

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