The Book Thief (brochure)

Map of “The Park of Thieves”

My contributions to this project.

My contributions to this project included making all three shows and providing suggestions and ideas about the other components of the brochure. For the shows, I created a poster for each show. I found a fitting image as a visual, added a border, a title, and a small sentence about the show. I wrote a detailed description about the shows and used my creativity to develop ideas about what happens in the show. I included how my show connected to the novel and had a brief description that highlighted the theme of each show.

I also prepared a script talking about the show, “Burning Pages” to present to the class. Although my suggestions towards park names were not used, I still made sure to contribute many ideas to give more options to choose from.

When we had to do work outside of class time, I made sure to communicate and check up on my group member’s work. I reminded my group members to do their work and discussed about presenting to the class and how that would look.


Theme park (The park of thieves)

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