Literature Circle Post – Educated

My Literature Circle group read Educated, the memoir of Tara Westover. I quite enjoyed reading this book, and I was enthusiastic about making a great presentation for it. Anita and I worked together to make the map and rides. I laid out the ground for the map (which took way longer than it should have) and contributed about half of the rest of the details. Some of these details were the Princess, the city at BYU, the paths around the park, and most of Cambridge. I also designed the logos for the Princess Trail Ride and the Junkyard Adventure Park using Canva. I wrote a paragraph to describe the Trail Ride and put it in the brochure. I designed the rides page in our presentation and two-thirds of that page in our brochure. The time I spent working on this project helped me reflect on the insight I gained while reading Educated. I find it amazing how people like Tara can lead such interesting, brave, and powerful lives.

Here is the brochure for our theme park, Eduland.

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