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For this interview, I decided to speak to my dad’s friend and realtor, who recently helped us buy our home.

First, I inquired as to why he chose to work as a realtor. He stated that marketing and business have always been his passions. He determined that real estate would be the ideal career for him when considering his options. Now that he’s been in the profession for a while, he wishes he’d done more research into what realtors actually do when he first started out. He did not really understand what a realtor did as a job and only had a vague idea.

Next, I asked him about the skills needed for real estate as well as what the most difficult part of it is. He stated that the most significant skill for entering the real estate industry is communication and marketing, as well as negotiating and time management and that the types of abilities required for a real estate job vary. Perhaps the most crucial talent of all, he believes, will be the ability to learn new skills and deal with the inevitable changes that will come in the sector.

Afterward, we discussed some reasons people might want to become realtors. He mainly talked about how you can parlay your experience in any number of directions, such as property management, real estate investing, corporate real estate departments, or a shift from residential to commercial property sales. By paying close attention to alternate career paths and accumulating the skills you need, you open up more opportunities for advancement. He talked about how real estate provides a path to financial freedom, a flexible schedule, and the personal fulfillment of helping families own their homes.

Overall, I’ve learned a lot through this interview. The most essential thing I learned from this interview is that I need to put in a lot of work to achieve my goals. There will be many opportunities for my growth if I become one, and how you need a strong passion to make your work feel fun. Knowing all of this, I believe I still have a strong passion for real estate.

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