About Me


I occasionally do something other than eating and I am a professional food eater

  • My favourite sport is soccer, but I am a big fan of most other sports as well
  • Eating and sleeping are my favourite activities
  • I enjoy reading books and watching movies in my free time
  • I really like playing video games or physical games like Rocket League or Tag
  • I play the piano and like listening to music
  • I have never lost in a staring contest or a crab walk race


The greatest game of all time in every students opinion unless you disagree, this is the main competition in a classroom: https://kahoot.com/

This website is where I got very good at geography and was able to impress my parents: https://world-geography-games.com/


This is a picture I took during one of my favourite views when I went hiking

This isn’t the exact image, but this is a similar image to my discord profile picture, by which a lot of people recognize me online


This is one of the best and funniest videos I have ever seen, although it might no seem as funny to those who haven’t watched the movie

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