About Me

Hello I’m Athena 🙂

I like…

  • performing arts (acting, singing, voice acting, dancing)
  • animals
  • traveling
  • food (Sushi, bubble tea…)
  • dungeons and dragons
  • genshin impact + tears of themis (artem pls)
  • fashion (k modern x ancient china tho)
  • hu tao

Link to Xiran Jay Zhao’s YT channel! I love her videos about chinese culture, and she’s such an inspiration. The ultimate respect.

Fahsionable, comfortable, and japanese, the perfect clothing for me. (It’s school appropriate too!)

I started watching Ghibli at a young age. The stories are so close to my heart and the meaning behind each story is always so touching. This quote makes me so happy 🙂

Mulan Available to All Disney+ Subscribers in December, No Extra Fee - Variety

No. Just no. Dishonour on her! Dishonour on her COW. And Disney’s too!

Below are some of my favourite videos.

Link to Hu Tao’s character demo because I am her and she is me.

As someone in the asian community who has experiences some hate crimes the video is quite dear to me