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Sixth In-Depth Blog Post [2022]

Welcome to my sixth and final regular In-Depth blog post! I am in the final stages of my project and I could not be happier that I chose to do the topic that I did. Today I will be outlining briefly my plans for my final presentation and giving a small progress report before the last stretch. 

For my final in-depth presentation, I will be presenting all of my small projects and my knowledge in a relaxed, conversation-style format with displays around my table. I may be wearing my traditional Palestinian thobe, although I might not as I am outgrowing it and do not want to look like I am claiming that I made it myself. I will be sitting down and doing cross-stitch throughout the night, while I present any of the theoretical knowledge I gained on cultural practices, history and more on small posters around my table. I will answer the questions I am asked about what I learned in the making of each individual piece in order to showcase only the highlights from each one. Each project focused on a different practical skill, from thread tension and basic knowledge on the pattern sampler to stitch neatness on the first bookmark to following patterns on the second and working with waste canvas on the tote bag. I aim to capture a healthy mix of what the medium means to me and other people who have practiced this art with practical skills and techniques that the audience can engage with in their own time.

Recently I have begun working with following patterns rather than just pictures or reference guides. My mentor came into town with tons of gifts of pattern kits, cloth etc and my goal is to work through most or all of what she got me! Here is a picture of the bookmark that I have begun making. It is not traditional tatreez but I tried to incorporate tatreez colour schemes into regular cross-stitch motifs as tatreez patterns specifically are a lot harder to come by than regular cross-stitch ones, and ultimately they develop the same or very similar skills. Honestly, working on this pattern has been pretty hard work as it is not a very linear sort of design to work through. There is a lot of starting, stopping, rotating, trying to determine angles, and directions and skipping squares for stitches.

I also got a gift of Waste Canvas, which allows me to do cross-stitch embroidery on fabrics other than Aida Cloth. You lay this fabric on top of whatever you are going to stitch on, complete your design on the grid and then pull the threads of the waste canvas out one by one. It is really genius actually! I plan to make a tote bag this way.

Thank you for reading my final In-Depth progress post! It has been a journey and I am truly grateful to have been able to share it and nearly complete this incredible project. I look forward to the final stretch!

Bana • May 11, 2022

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