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Welcome, wandering traveller, to my All About Me page! Here, I’ll be telling you things about myself that are probably already obvious. Before you take a look, consider taking a look around the Hallway (Site Directory)!


  • Music of all kinds, music production and the surrounding culture. Speaking of, check out my Song of The Week in the Cafeteria section (Get it? Song of The Week? Soup of the Day? Just stop reading at this point).
  • All sorts of art, aesthetics and visual storytelling; from drawing and painting to dance and fashion design. You name it and I’ll talk about it far too much.
  • Other forms of storytelling, especially reading and writing. Books have been super important to me ever since I was little.
  • Cooking and baking. I love making cupcakes, but I’ll try any new recipe that I set my mind to!
  • I’m interested in activism and social justice.
  • I don’t know if talking counts as a hobby, but if it does…

  More Hopefully Trustworthy Hyperlinks:

The place where I spend most of my free time

The best graphic design website ever

My latest social media addiction 

This is a picture of a really fancy hotel lobby. It’s here to match my hotel theme. While debating over the theme of the blog, I spent an excessive amount of time looking at art deco architecture (specifically art deco buildings in Miami, Florida) and I landed on a sort of elegant art deco them (the site header image doesn’t match because I care more about aesthetics than consistency). This theme is subject to change. I definitely envision myself going for a 90s theme blog or a vaporwave-themed blog sometime soon. For now, welcome! Walk into the lobby. Become one with the hotel.

This is a snail. I like snails. Sometimes I just want to appreciate things because they make me happy.

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