About Me



Here are some of my favourite hobbies and interests

  • Animating stop motion
  • Skiing
  • Playing Basketball
  • Drawing/Doodling
  • Reading
  • Playing video games

Websites meaningful to me

Because I like Star Wars so much, I visit this website a lot to keep up with new books, TV shows, and other things that come out.

Another website I visit a lot is Youtube. I visit this website to keep up to date with news and topics I am interested in, and to watch funny or educational videos.

Two Pictures

This is a picture of my dog Charlie (Front), and my cousins’ dog Yoda (Back), who was named after the Star Wars character. At first I was not enthusiastic about getting a dog, but I warmed up to Charlie eventually, and now I can’t imagine living without him.

This is a picture from on the set of a stop motion animation I filmed. I picked this picture because I really enjoy doing stop motion and it means a lot to me.