In Dept Blog Post 4 

Hello everybody This is my In Dept Blog Post 4 

Since my last post, I have met with my mentor 6 times and have worked on the boat a lot. I have added the four stringers and butterfly keel. I have also started to work on the planking section. This is the second part of building a remote-controlled boat. After this, the next part is fiberglassing the hull to make it waterproof. Aside from all of this, we have ordered the mechanical parts necessary to make the modal boat a remote-controlled boat. 

 By my next post, I hope to be done with planking and to have started working on the fiberglassing of the boat. One worry I have is that I will not be able to finish the boat in time for the end of my in-depth project. In order to combat this problem, I have decided to try and meet with my mentor more often and for longer. 

Things that are working well are communication and teamwork with my mentor. An example of this is the planning of the blueprints. When working with my mentor we tend to bounce ideas back at each other and I find it to be very productive as we are able to correct each other’s mistakes. 


I think that the time management could be better as we have a limited amount of time to complete this project as stated previously, I could meet with my mentor for longer visits or I could make a schedule in order to stay on track to finish this project on time 


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