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My name is Ben. I am a high school student in grade 9. I would describe myself as kind, funny, happy, an introvert, and a good friend.  I live with my Mom and Dad, twin sister, 2 cats, and my dog.  I like a variety of activities from quiet things like reading to active things like sports.





Tae Kwon Do



video Games



My Interests

I like space, black holes, and the big bang. I enjoy that it is both a mystery and an explanation about our existence at the same time.  This represents me because I like to figure out and better understand how things work.

I also love listening to all music but especially musicals. My favourite musical of the moment is Hamilton because it turns learning about Americal History into a fun and enjoyable experience.


This is my cat Gracie. She is a one year old domestic short-haired cat who is playful and likes to cuddle with me and who hates my dog. She playfully surprise attacks the dog every chance she gets. She sleeps in my room most nights and she helps me to feel better when I am stressed or sad.

Cassini: Earth and Saturn “The Day Earth Smiled” | NASA*arrow is pointing to Earth

I like this photo because it helps me to put things in perspective. If I am struggling or stressed out about something it helps me to realize that not everything matters because I can see how small Earth is compared to the universe, it helps to provide a scale to how small my concerns are in the scheme of things.


Video Link

As you may have guessed (if you’ve read my bog so far) one of my favourite videos is….Hamilton. Enjoy!

If you’re wondering my favourite songs are Guns And Ships, Right Hand Man, and Yorktown.

Recent Posts

In-Depth blog post 6

Hello everybody, this is my sixth in-depth blog post. I hope you enjoy it!  

I plan to present my boat by bringing the boat and explaining how it works. I am going to do this by bringing the boat, the instructions, and some of the tools. I will also write a script to say and explain how I made the boat and the history of the model I am making. My audience will interact with the post by listening to the script and by asking questions at the end of the thirty seconds. My hope is that this explanation will increase the audience members’ knowledge of boat building and maybe convince them to try and build one themselves. 

See you on May 31st! 



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