3 thoughts on “Talon Talk

  1. Hello Ben. Your TALON Talk was very well constructed and enjoyable. I liked how you inserted images and diagrams into your slides to help make the main points of the information you were explaining more clear. One critique I have for you is that on slide 7, where you had a chart explaining the best fabric thermal insulator, some of the titles of the columns were too long and parts of the words were on different lines. To solve this, you could make the cell sizes larger, or decrease the font size. One question I have for you is: how does wind affect the insulation of a fabric?

  2. Hi Ben,
    I really enjoyed listening to you TALON Talk, I found your use of tables to display your data and the pictures very useful. My question for you is, can a metal be a better insulator than a fabric?

  3. Salut.

    I enjoyed your exposition throughout the talk. You spoke clearly, understandably, and consistently through the whole presentation, which made it less antagonistic to go through. I would like to know how the thermal conductivity rating differs between solids and Bose-Einstein condensates.

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