My essay about expectations and how they effect us.


Expectations paragraphs

We read a novel, as well as a paragraph the author wrote. The novel was “The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian”, and the paragraph was called “Superman and Me”. We then needed to synthesize the different articles of literature, by finding out how expectations effect characters in the novel, the author, and us, so we were contrasting the articles of literature to our own lives. That is what this essay I wrote is doing.

My ability to compare different things definitely helped when writing this essay, as I could easily compare the different topics. Also, being able to take different perspectives on topics helped me. I tried to take an unbiased approach in this essay letting me improve my writing in my opinion.

When doing this assignment, the most difficult thing was thinking of ideas for my essay. I needed to think of ways expectations affect us, which was difficult. Also, just writing the essay was difficult for me.