TALONS Digital Literacy Post #2

Socials 9: PTI Presentations

In a unit within socials, we studied the past of Canada’s First Nations. In groups of four we researched a relevant topic regarding the history of First Nations today such as reconciliation, the Indian Act, and cultural appropriation. In our presentation, we had to cover two recent stories that related to our topic as well as come up with a discussion question for the class to consider after we gave our presentation. My group was responsible for giving a presentation on cultural appropriation.

Link: Powerpoint presentation

Link: Word document



Communication and Collaboration (1)

I use digital spaces to plan and execute collaborative projects with my peers

During the process of planning our project, we used word as a digital space to plan the execution of our project. By leaving messages with each other we were able to collaboratively work on the project at the same time, working on our individual pieces while still being able to give each other guidance and advice.


Communication and Collaboration (4)

I constructively build upon or synthesize the ideas of my peers

When we had the opportunity to work on the project in class, I helped to synthesize the ideas of my peers during our discussions. We thought a lot about the boundary between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation, during the discussion of this topic we all constructively built upon each other’s ideas.


Research and Information Literacy (11)

I go beyond google and use databases to find scholarly research sources

In order to find recent events regarding cultural appropriation, I used the Gleneagle library to find useful websites that helped me discover recent events on cultural appropriation, but it seems as though I can’t access the same recommended sites. I ended up being able to find a CBC article that covered an of cultural appropriation on December 17th or 2017.


Research and Information Literacy (12)

I look at controversial issues or topics from opposed perspectives to gain a more complete understanding

One of our most prominent discussions when we researched about cultural appropriation was when we discussed what the line was between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. In order to come to a conclusion, we had to look at the motives of both from opposed perspectives. In the end, the conclusion that I came up with is that appreciation and appropriation is demonstrated by the intent behind a person’s actions and whether or not a person feels as if their culture has been offended.