TALONS Digital Literacy Post #4

Science 9: Parts of the Cell Presentation

For our biology unit in science, we had to create a few slides for a presentation that would provide a brief one-minute explanation of the parts and function of one part of the cell. Each student was assigned with a of part of the cell to present on, and I was responsible for presenting on the flagella.

Link: Flagella Speech

Link: Images and sources

The PowerPoint is unavailable at the moment.



Digital Citizenship (14)

I ethically use content that is not created by me by using Creative-Commons licensed audio, video, or images and by properly citing these resources within my work

In the slides for my PowerPoint presentation, I had to use illustrations and diagrams as a visual to present with. I included the source of every image that I used for my presentation under the image. The presentation seems to be unavailable at the moment, so I’m unable to display any evidence, and not all my resources were backed up.


Research and Information Literacy (9)

I critically assess research sources for Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Purpose

When I was researching, I made sure to avoid sources that can be altered by individuals such as Wikipedia. In order to assess the reliability of information, I compared my research with the information that I had gathered from other sources. I also tried to search for recently published articles and website addresses that ended in .gov or .edu.