In-Depth Post #6

1. An update on your progress since the last post #5 as well as an reflection on your mentor meetings online or over the phone.

Since my last post, I have started to create my final project. I plan to animate a scene from the cartoon series Steven Universe. Steven Universe was one of my inspirations when choosing flip book animation for my In-Depth project, and I always admired the series’ seamless animations and transitions.

These are some of the frames I have created so far.

I believe there are many challenging aspects of this animation, but I think it’ll be a great summarization of my learning throughout this year’s In-Depth. I’m disappointed in myself as I haven’t been keeping in contact with Simon, especially since he’s been a very supportive and active mentor. As I continue to make process on my final project, I will be updating Simon with details on my animation, and I’m very thankful for his guidance and cooperation throughout the whole process.

2. Describe how you are going to present and share your final post to our guests during our online In-depth Night on May 25th.

Since it’s impossible for me to upload every single page of my flip book animation, I’m planning on uploading a video of my finalized flip book animation. I will also be posting some of my previous works and highlights of the year so our guests can view my progress and provide short pieces of writing to offer further explanation to some of my uploaded photos and videos. I hope that the projects I display will be able brighten someone’s day, and I hope that our guests will have an enjoyable and immersive experience.

One thought on “In-Depth Post #6

  1. It is never too late to contact Simon. I am sure he wants to hear how it is going. He has put his own time into this to help you. It looks like you have taken on quite an ambitious animation for your project. It has many details and components.
    Your final presentation format makes sense.

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