In-Depth Introduction Post 2021

For In-Depth this year, I will be learning more about the field of macro photography.  Macro photography is a kind of photography that usually focuses on small subjects such as moss or insects. However, the size of the subject appears to be a lot larger in the photo than it is in real life. A macro photograph, by definition, is a photo where the subject is life size or greater, but generally larger than life size. As someone who enjoys using various mediums of art as a form of personal expression, I would like to learn more about the technical aspects of photography and how it can be related to the creative/artistic aspects of the field. In addition, I’ve never tried using photography as a creative outlet before, so I’m excited to learn more about this particular style of art. Finally, I am generally curious about photography as a medium and this project is the perfect chance to further investigate my curiosities.

My specific goal for this project is to make three different collections of photography (and possibly one practice collection) that I will take and edit on my own.  I am also considering telling a story with the different collections, or giving each collection a certain theme, rather than leaving them as just a bunch of random photographs piled together. Overall, I’d like to enjoy the process of this project and hopefully pick photography up as a hobby. I plan to spend the first month or so learning how to take macro photographs, and then the rest of the time will be spent creating my collections.

As for my mentor, I have a few photographers in my family that could serve as possible mentors for me, but I will probably go with my dad, since it would be the most convenient (my other family members who have photography experience all live in a different time zone than I do). Having my dad as a mentor would also make regular meetings a lot more manageable. 

An example of a macro photograph.

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