In-Depth 2021 Presentation

Hello everyone and welcome to my In-Depth presentation!

This year, I chose to focus on photography for my project. Specifically, I wanted to take macro (up-close) photography and focus on composition and storytelling. I chose photography since it’s a form of art that I haven’t quite dipped my toe in before.

For my final presentation, I composed three separate collections of photography, which I’ve attached in the links below. Hope you enjoy them, and feel free to leave any questions in the comments 🙂

Collection 1

Collection 2

Collection 3

Before you go, here’s a bonus photo:



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  1. Thanks for sharing your very diverse and creative collections. Which is your favourite photo and why?

    • Thank you! My favourite photo is probably the fourth photo from Collection Three because I like how the colours look together!

  2. Brianna, I absolutely loved seeing your photography (both the collections and the bonus photo)! I especially enjoyed seeing the little friends you made and the nostalgia collection! What is the main difference between the set-up (camera equipment, tools used, etc) for macro photography and “regular” photography?

    • Thank you so much, Grace! For macro photography, you have to use a special lens that focuses super close to the subject of your photograph, whereas with normal photography you’d be able to focus much farther away.

  3. Ah these are so fun!! I absolutely love the ghibli reference <3 has this project helped you see life in a different way/a new perspective?

    • Thank you! You definitely take a lot more time to study little details in your surroundings when you get into photography!

  4. Marnie Chamberlain

    Brianna I just love your photos! You have captured so many details in each and every photo. I think that learning photography should be a skill that everyone should learn in their lifetime because we all take pictures every single day. I hope you continue your photography because you have taken some beautiful photos!

  5. Natalie Nicholson

    I love how each collection tells a story and reminds one to always look for the unexpected in day-to-day life! Great subject choices! Have you considered combining the macro photography with film/video?

  6. Brianna those photos are the most CREDIBLE photos ever!!! HOW!?!? Amazing!

  7. Macro photography is incredible, and your photos are so well composed! Super impressive work

  8. So pretty, each and every photo is perfect! Love those funky little friends.

  9. Oh, wow! Brianna, you have provided a beautiful ‘stop moment’ in my day. I had not heard of macro-photography, but after looking at your pieces, I know that it is something I always appreciate. I really appreciate the unique theme to each of your collections. What a wonderful journey you have begun with this learning. I wish for you continued enjoyment and many ‘stop moments’ to see the world in more detail. 🙂

  10. Your photography’s super good Brianna! I really loved the different themes you captured in the photos

  11. Love your photos, Brianna! They are all so aesthetic and the collections are really unique. I just love the themes for each one. Amazing work 🙂

  12. These photos are so amazing! I love how each collection is distinctively unique from the others. I really enjoy how you incorporated your artistic influences and interests into every collection/photo. Is there a specific texture or material you enjoyed photographing the most?

    • Thanks, Brian! I had a lot of fun photographing the makeshift pallete I use to paint since there were a lot of unique colours and textures in one place.

  13. I think it’s amazing how you used inspiration from your own life in creating these collections. Beyond cool!

  14. All of these definitely deserve a place on a pinterest board somewhere. pretty!! you did an amazing job :))

  15. Nice work Brianna! Holy smokes, that cover photo in collection 1 looks especially professional! Such creativity 🙂 Did you have all of the gear you needed to take such close up photos already? What is required?

    • Thank you so much! To take my photos, I used a special lens that has a very sensitive magnification. Basically, the lens I used is only able to focus when it’s really close to the subject I’m photographing.

  16. Well done, Brianna…there is a lovely whimsy to your photography. I love have macro photography helps us to resee the world. You mentioned storytelling as part of photography…how did you frame or curate these story themes?

    • Thank you! To develop themes/stories for my photography collections, I thought about how I could make each collection distinctly different and drew inspiration from things that inspire me in real-life – experiences, memories, and media that I like to consume. Then I would brainstorm a bit for each collection – basically, I would write a list of materials/props that I might need, a location for my photos to be taken and certain colours and moods I would want to implement.

  17. Amazing job Brianna! I love your photography style 🙂 So beautiful and professional. I really enjoyed how you separated your photos into three distinct collections with a clear theme for each. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting photography?

    • Thank you so much! One piece of advice I’d give to someone starting photography is to just start taking photos and generally just experiment with the camera. It takes a lot of practice to get nice shots, and you learn a lot of that technique through hands-on experience.

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